Review: Hotarobi Gensou

tonight i bought a Shonen Ai manga titled Hotarobi Gensou by Sayuri Amagi *yay i’m such a Lucky bastard* hoho that manga have drown my atention when i went to buy Monster vol.13 Don’t know why i always notice Shonen Ai manga just by seeing it’s unprovocative cover..*third instinct??* the setting is on Meiji Jidai and the story is about a boy named Touya who make friend with a ghost named Hotaru in an old theatre. Hotaru has been waiting for his long lost love for 400 years.. Later the setting will move to modern Japan when they were reborn…the genre is soft yaoi and the rating of the manga would be PG the manga contain an other two story that quite entertaining
well that’s all for the reviews maybe *just maybe* when i have some spare time i’ll upload it’s scanlation on to some web…ummm or maybe not 😛 *fufufu*


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