Review: Ame Ni Niteiru

You favored the color of sky at dawn.
That tear you showed me at the very end…
Surrounded by the brilliant light of the sunrise,
you showed me that look.
And I still remember it….

(white eyes – gackt)

Elex kembali nerbitin manga shonen-ai karangan Taeko Watanabe yang bagus bgt hehehe ureshii naa, suka bgt deh ada 2 manga yang diterbitin ma elex, yang satu judulnyaWE ARE trus satu lagi judulnyaLooks Like Rain (Ame ni Niteiru). Ceritanya emang beda tapi masih ada benang merahnya soalnya anak-anak (Mizuki&Akira) dari manga We Are ceritanya bakal jadi artis dan meranin tokoh Tomo & Yuu di “film” Looks Like Rain… hehehe seru kan?! Watanabe sensei kreatif bgt yah!! Dan ternyata setelah nyari info di internet ke-2 cerita pendek ini adalah side storynya manga Watanabe-sensei yg lain, Hajime-chan ga Ichiban! series, aih jadi pengen baca Hajime-chan ga Ichiban!!
Dua manga tadi ceritanya bagus bgt! WE ARE ceritanya ttg “persahabatan” Mizuki (12thn), anak yang energik dan ceria yg pgn jadi artis & Akira (13thn), anak korban sexual molestation. ceritanya simple tapi maniiis bgt! para shotafans pasti histeris baca cerita ini hehehe. Tapi diantara kedua cerita ini saya paling suka Looks Like Rain (karena shonen-ainya lebih jelas? 😛 hehe), ceritanya manis, romantis dan sedih bgt! desain covernya juga bgs bgt

Ini kisah tentang Tomo anak energik yg jago sepakbola dan Yuu yang selalu bersikap sinis ama orang sekitarnya dan selalu sendirian memendam kesedihannya. Mereka berevolusi dari musuh jadi teman trus jadi lebih dari teman ehehe ^o^. Pokonya ceritanya bagus deh! harus baca! osusume desu!

“seperti hujan”
seperti butiran yang jatuh ke bahu, Yuu membuatku menatap langit…
hujan yang begitu lembut, indah berwarna keemasan dan itu memang mirip Yuu…

P.S.Ini review emang dah pernah saya tulis sebelumnya di blog yg laen hehe sory klo basi

UPDATE: the english review for a friend

Ame ni Niteiru (Looks like Rain)
Looks like rain follows the story of Tomoyuki Sawaki & Yuuichi Okuse, two 17yearsold boys with different personalities. Like the law of opposite attraction reluctantly they were drawn to each other like a magnet.
Tomoyuki is a normal energetic highscholler and a football (soccer) star in his school, Yuuichi is a beautiful new transfer student whose cynical word irritates Tomoyuki in his class. But behind his bitter personality Yuuichi hides his loneliness and fear of death. Even tough in the surfaces they annoys each other actually deep down inside they secretly admire each other. Things heat up when Tomo founds out about Yuu’s terminal illness. Together they evolves from enemy to friend and becoming more than friend.

Actually this story connect with two other manga’s by Taeko Watanabe sensei, We Are & Hajime-chan Ga Ichiban. Looks like rain is supposed to be a Drama played by two main male character of Hajimechan as a side story of the series, & We Are is another story when the two main Chara Mizuki & Akira first meet as kids, Akira was a traumatised victim of sexual molestation when he first meet and was saved by Mizuki. Together they develops a lifelong friendships that leads them to the world of showbiz


7 thoughts on “Review: Ame Ni Niteiru”

  1. i read the english translation lyric of the song White eyes and wow it’s like Gackt wrote it for Ame ni niteiru XD i was so surprised that the lyric fits the manga so good ! Brilliant! Excellent! thank you for posting this :X Ah, is that song a theme song of any movie or anime? it sounds familiar

  2. yes exactly! XD that’s also what i thought when I place that lyric in this review… actually i think Gackt wrote the whole cresent album for his movie Moonchild, that he stared with Hyde

  3. . 08. white eyes

    The moon had gone crazy.
    Embracing it in its arms… the sky was frightened.
    I could not accept the sun to rise
    until my screaming can be realized.
    Because every word of yours was…
    Because every behavior of yours was…
    They were just too evanescent to me.
    You no longer touch my hand reaching out to you.
    So I gently kissed your pale lips.
    No matter how many times I called your name,
    it only brings me sorrows, and nothing can ease me.
    “It was already a mistake just to met.”
    Something whispers so to my heart, and I trembled with fear.
    Because every piece of my love is…
    Because every piece of my heart is…
    None of them can seem to let go of you, even for now.
    You favored the color of sky at dawn.
    That tear you showed me at the very end…
    Surrounded by the brilliant light of the sunrise,
    you showed me that look.
    And I still remember it.
    Nobody can stop this endless sorrows falling upon my heart.
    So just let me fall down, as deep as I can go.
    No matter how much I suffer, nobody can separate us.
    Until this body decades, nobody can ease me.
    So, my only love, raise above so high in this beautiful sky.
    Leave your body to this silvered colored earth for now.
    Whenever I look up in the sky, I shall find you smiling down.
    Someday, up in this sky, the two of us can meet once again.
    . Title: white eyes
    . Album: CRESCENT (track 08)
    . Lyrics: Gackt C.
    . Translation: Mic

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