This is the manga that keep me waiting for the next volumes every month, Animonster (anime and manga magazine) award it one of the most talk about manga in Indonesia 2006, alongside death note, blackjack ni yoroshiku, ouran koukou host club, nodame cantabille and 20th century boys. And it is my personal favourite among any of the shoujo manga enlisted (though I also love nodame cantabille cause it’s also hilarious, and on the shonen manga side I love deathnote and 20th century boys but that are another story). In Japan it may have reached more than 13 (tankoubun) volumes but in Indonesia I’ve just read the 8 volume and it was an exciting ride everytime I read it.( I read it over and over again)

I was always a fan of shoujo manga, but recently most of shoujo manga (I know of) has became so dull it got me bored, that was another reason I turn to BL :p hehe. But luckly I’ve come across some shoujo manga that keep me stay as a fans. One of them is one amusing piece “Skip Beat”, even though at first I was sceptical for how good this shoujo manga would be, but I still end up reading it due to a recommendation from my friend, and it turn out to be Great.

Skip Beat is a story about a poor nice girl Kyouko Mogami, a girl who got dumped by a boy (Shotaro Fuwa) whom she loved too much that she drop out school to follow him (who wanted to be a singer) to Tokyo, and devoted herself to his happiness until he become popular. While the boy only think of her as a servant. And after she get dumped she went berserk (her pandora box opened and Kyouko’s demons come right out). She vow to get revenge in her own wicked, wacky plan by becoming a greater idol than he is. Ofcourse the plan didn’t went on smooth as she thinks it will, there always trouble around the corner. And then there was Ren Tsuruga the no. 1 idol with a very cool and polite image but can be very sly and mysterious at times. He is a senior in the LME Agency Kyouko entered and he instantly develops a friend or foe relationship with Kyouko. Apparently getting dumped by Sho turn out to be the greatest thing she ever have, she found new happiness on her new friends and passion for acting, though it may take a while for her to mend her wound and found new love which I believe Ren can help provide.

Skip Beat may look like your typical shoujo manga but it is not. It is very amusing, one review said that this manga will make you laugh so much it hurts. The best thing about it, is it characterization of each personality on the manga which is one of the kind. Every single of it’s main character is intriguing, even that jerk Shotaro is amusing to watch. Well to me the most important thing to build a good manga or story is the characterization, and then the flow of the story and for shoujo manga it needs to have emotion, and then beautiful artwork. Skip Beat got it all, but yet maybe Skip Beat is not to special or a little weak on the beautiful artwork part but it is still quite easy on the eyes (on my opinion).

Skip Beat is not all about romance kinda story, but when it come to the love part it is simple and frank, and very nicely written it makes us rooting for more. When you read it just sit back and enjoy, it will be like a trip to Disneyland (supposedly saying :p hehehe)


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