Review: Bondz

Rated : R

Was there a limit to humans’ desire…?

Trapped in the heat of summer, Keita & Tomo are two best friends that got drunk and become sexually involved with each other. Having girlfriends at the time, the next morning they vow to put behind what happened between them. However, it turns out that they couldn’t forget about the pleasure they’ve experienced, and become involve on the dangerous game of finding the limits of desire. But as there is no such thing as limit to desire, how would they end up?

With just 58 pages of storyline, Bondz’s story in particular is another nicely written/drawn BL manga with excellent and intriguing story, created by Touko Kawai. Actually the manga tankoubun itself contain 4 unrelated story Bondz, Situation, Kitan Garden (or Fairy Garden) , & Sakura. Touko Kawai is another mangaka that I grow fond of because of her interesting storyline, nice artwork, & beautiful narration. Eventhough I’ve only read a few of her works (Situation, My Beautiful World, Loveholic, & Ano kado wo magatta tokoro), it never failed to impress me every time. What strokes me was her sweet and amusing way of depicting love on her stories, as in this particular story, eventhough it start of as an erotic story of boys raw sexuality in the end it still as sweet and touching in a simple way as her other stories.

here are the list of other Touko Kawai works from
Ano Kado Wo Magatta Tokoro
Beautiful World
Fairy Garden
In The Walnut
Keijijyou na Bokura
Utakata no Hibi

can anyone tell me how to get any of them? especially Cut

Touko Kawai fansite :


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