(my) BL research

Some of you who don’t know me in person might not know that my graduation paper for bachelor’s degree was about Male Homosexuality in Japan focusing on transformation of acceptence in Edo to Meiji era (^o^) yes you hear me right, that was probably my boldest decission and it turns out pretty ok result.. (for you information i was majoring japanese literature in faculty of humanites)

I even planned on doing a further research focusing more on BL if i got scholarship for graduate school. When i was doing my research i always turn to that foreign scholars of japan study such as Gregory M. Pflugfelder, Gary P. Leupp, Mark McLelland and their amazing books

My plans for futher studies will have to postponed cause i landed a job in Animonster magazine, but it doesn’t mean that i give up on them especially after i read a great article on BL by yet another great foreign scholar

the article>>Yaoi: Redrawing Male Love
caution for the graphic image not suitable for children!!

sasuga those foreign researcher!! atashi mo makenai gurai ganbarou ka! (^0^)


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