Review: No Regret

Rating : R

Finally I got to watch No Regret, hehehehe. Seperti biasa dapetnya di manggadua (I draw my sorrow by buying lots of DVD :p, at least I don’t drink liquor nyahaha)

On to the story..
Su-Min (Lee Young Hoon) is an 18 year old orphan who comes to Seoul to study automotive design while working for tuition in a factory. He is a polite man who have a nice & kind personality and loved by his friends. At night to find an extra money he provide driving services for people who is to drunk to drive by themself. One night he drove this one young business man, Jae-Min (Lee Han), home, and they develop an instant mutual attraction without talking while on their way to the man’s apartment. But that night nothing happened between them, they didn’t even introduce themselves to each other yet. They then meet again when Su-min is fired from the factory which actually belong to Jae-min’s father. Desperate for money Su-min ends up taking a job as a male host in a karaoke bar that caters gay men. In that way, Jae-Min who is desperately falling for Su-Min once again walks into his life. Jae-Min is a young wealthy heir to a company from a conservative family background who by that time has already engaged to a beautiful lady. But that, my friend, didn’t stop him at all from chasing after Su-Min, while Su-Min who has come to a point where he don’t believe in love, keep on refusing and avoiding him. How would this prince & prostitute story ends up?

Random comments:
It was fun, romantic, there are a lot of touching moments, & it felt real. But shockingly I felt it was a little funny, why? cause’ I found the actor who plays Jae Min looks somewhat like Ringgo Agus Rahman hwahahaha (only in a more serious, less comedian type of character of course LOL). The couple in the story is not exactly acting funny, in fact they act very very well. They are not exactly handsome (they do not look as handsome as the picture above) but not unbearable to watch either, and you’ll find them attractive after watching for a while, but the love scene they are playing are so cheesy romantic which is actually terribly amusing to me ^0^ LOL.
Why do Korean people are very good with writing or saying corny romantic line in their movies? *hihihi* well I guess I’m a sucker for corny & cheesy romantic things tehe :p
I almost can’t stand seeing the two love birds >o< their scene was too Rabu2 it’s as if I’m peeking to a real gay couple love life (oow the slow dance thing ^o^ that was to much haha). I guess we owe that to the Director’s wits. He has successfully make the story looks like a real chaotic love life of a gay couple, which happens to be that the director LeeSong Hee-il is the first openly gay Korean director who wrote gay movie (cheers to the director ^o^ *hmm…did I told you I don’t drink? Well lets just toast with some milk hehe*). I’m glad that this independent movie reach a surprising commercial success in Korea, I’m hoping to see more movies like this from Korea :p they are very good when creating love stories.
Only one thing it lacked, *IMHO* I think it needs a little more backgrounds for the character. Like even when the movie is finish, we never know who was the deft boy Su-Min was with in the opening scene? Is he just a friend or an ex lover? Hmm… what the hell ~_~
But why do most queer movie ends up with either tragedy or absurd kinda way, well in this case it was not too absurd, I think I can guess where the situation will lead, but I need more happy ending like Formula 17 kinda way (uuukh I want to watch that movie).
Overall the couple looks kinda crazy, well love does makes us do crazy thing right? LOL


PS: next review Newyork Newyork (huehehe kebaca juga)


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