Review: CUT

Just a while ago I’ve been re-reading CUT, and reliving the strong impression I felt when I first read it by a recommendation of a friend. I totally enjoy this manga (although joy is not exactly what CUT was about), & Touko Kawai the creator of Cut instantly enter the top list of my favorite mangaka today.

Chiaki is having an affair with his step father and creating a self inflicted agony every single time, Eiji is an antisocial guy who hid a deep scars from his traumatic childhood abuse. By chance Eiji catch a glimpse onto Chiaki’s affair without knowing that they came from the same high school. Within those psychologically disturbed state they encounter each other. What kind of relationship will they developed? Will they be able to cope with their past?

CUT just as the title says, is about cut, pain, & traumatic experience to the extreme that haunts our two main character, Eiji & Chiaki, before they finally meet each other and heal each other wounds. Ofcourse it is a BL manga and on top of that a very very romantic one too, just as sweet and lovely as any other Touko Kawai’s mangas. But perhaps Cut can be just a little offensive with it’s depiction of SM & self mutilation beside it’s boys love theme, but I can’t seem to be repelled nor aroused :p by it at all and I only felt a strong empathy toward the characters agony. It’s all thanks to Touko Kawai’s distinctive soft portrayal & charming narration.

Even though it is a bit angsty, CUT It is not a tragedy upon tragedy that ends up with another tragedy kinda story, so be rest assured to enjoy this manga without draining your eyes out with tears. Perhaps maybe reading this manga can even lit up your day just like it did to me.

Rated R for the SM, violence, explicit sexual situation
ISBN : 4-8352-1451-X


6 thoughts on “Review: CUT”

  1. Gue pertama kali kenal Kawai Touko dari Keijijouna Bokura, tapi CUT yang membuat gue jadi fan Kawai -sensei. Gue bersyukur banget sempet beli tankoubon-nya sebelum Biblos bangkrut.

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