Breaking News: new korean queer movie -Frozen Flowers- staring JooJinmo & JoInsung(>_<)

nee minna!!  listen to this carefully(>_<) i was browsing youtube and downloading formula17 movie 😛 aaand I accidently found out that there is a new korean gay movie on the making this year called Frozen Flowers and what excite me the most was Joo jin mo (>o<) is on the cast alongside Jo In Sung OMG OMG OMG !!! (getting hysterical) I MUST see this movie!!!!!
i Loooove Joo Jin Mo, for those of you who haven’t know him he was the lead role on 200 pound beauty & the last year new movie Sarang… and he is sooo undeniably HOT!!!!
by the way have you seen his movie Sarang (a Love) that movie was sooo heartbreakingly romantic!! IMHO more tragic than Romeo & Juliet!! and Joo Jin Mo played the role fabulously… I even wished that I have a man who loved me that deep (minus the tragedy of course) aaaargh Jujinmo-shi saranghe (^o^)

The Article from

Korean actor and heartthrob Jo In-Sung will join hands once again with director Yu Han in an epic movie titled, “Frozen Flower”, set at the final period of the Koryo kingdom (918-1392). Jo and Yu last worked together in 2006 “A Dirty Carnival”, which won Jo the lead male actor award at the 2006 Korean Film Awards.

Jo had many options for his last work before his compulsory military service, but he turned down numerous offers for movie and drama appearances to take on the role in “Frozen Flower”. Director Yu has been widely acclaimed by moviegoers and critics alike for bringing out violence and collectivity from deep within the human soul, as well as for his provocative view on conventional ideas. His movies include “Crazy Marriage” in 2001, “Spirit of Jeet Keun Do: Once Upon a Time in High School” in 2004 and “A Dirty Carnival” in 2006.

“Frozen Flower” is an original piece based on a true story of Koryo era. It revolves around love and betrayal among Koryo king, 36 royal bodyguards composed of young/handsome warriors called ‘Gunryongwi’ and a beautiful queen from Yuan kingdom. Jo In-Sung plays ‘Hong-Lim’, the commander of ‘Gunryongwi’ who gets special ‘affection’ from the king.

To partner Jo In-Sung in the film, hot hunk actor, Joo Jin Mo has been casted to play a young charismatic Koryo king who falls in love with Hong-Lim. Actor Joo Jin-Mo came to fame after movies like “Musa: The Warrior”, “200 Pounds Beauty” and “Love/Sarang”.

The representative of the movie pointed out that, “Frozen Flower” will become the first Korean movie to deal with homosexuality upfront” and “although previously, “King’s Man” and other similar projects dealt with homosexuality, they were based on more of compassion, but this movie will portray homosexuality through the two main characters’ affectionate love. Critics however say that there are Korean movies that already dealt with homosexuality upfront such as “Road movie”, “No Regret”, and etc.

Also future bed scene between the two actors is making a headline. Especially, due to the fact that the director Yu has been known for racy sex scenes in his “Crazy Marriage”.

Jo In-Sung has been preparing for the role as a warrior since past months by taking up lessons for horseback riding, martial arts, and the geomungo.

Credit: Koreanpopworld

The News on Youtube

The Cast

joo-jinmo  Xjo-insung

Nee Sarang en Joo Jin Mo (Musa: The Warrior, 200 Pounds Beauty, and “Love/Sarang”) as TheKoryo king

jjm4 jjm070828lovejoo_m4 jjmmusa01

Jo In Sung (Memories in Bali & A Dirty Carnival) as Hong-Lim

jo in sung face joinsung joo in sung muda-an

aaaaw…!!! two korean hearthrobs bishonen in one movie as a couple, omo i must be dreaming!! and nevertheless they are wonderfull actors! >_< can’t wait to watch this movie!!!!

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: new korean queer movie -Frozen Flowers- staring JooJinmo & JoInsung(>_<)”

  1. it’s still in the casting process, the filming haven’t even started yet, perhaps we’ll be able to watch it on DVD later, but I wish it will be out on Blitz next year (soalnya tahun kemarin aja Eternal Summer yg dari Taiwan masuk Blitz) I’ll definitely will come and watch it on the theater XD

  2. arashihonou…. if you love Jin Mo so much, have u joined the forum “” ? come and visit, u can share anything about Jin MO… 🙂 i Love AFF 🙂 Jin MO acted so damn awesome there!!!

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