Review : Like a Virgin- 천하장사 마돈나

I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didnt know how lost I was
Until I found you
(Like a Virgin – Madonna)

my boring weekend turns out not so boring after all thanks to this one sweet movie i watched in the last hours of my weekend

Oh Dong-gu is a sweet teenage kid who idolize Madonna, all of his life he believe that he supposed to be born as a girl, his father is a drunk and his mother left him & his brother to live her own life. Unwaver by the cynical remarks he recieve from his surounding he dream of someday he can afford doing a sex change operation, for that purpose he part time as a labour at a harbour every morning before school making him always late for school. After he found out that he can get money if he can win Ssrium (korean wrestling) competition he is determine to get the money, with not so friendly teammate on the opposite can he survive and live the life he wanted.
This kind of story is not new at all but nevertheless this movie is very ammusing to watch all the way toward the ending. The whole story is very well made, the laugh and the angst is not out of line, very nice watch indeed even for the whole family ^o^

movie trailer

Rated: PG


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