Review: Gerald & Jacques

Rated: R

Yet another well create BL manga, I stumbled upon recently. Gerald & Jacques is a boys love story with the background of French Revolution.

Jacques is an aristocratic young boy with pure virtuous personality and high pride who was forced into prostitution after his family suffered bankruptcy upon his father death. Gerald is a wealthy commoner and a regular at the boys brothel, who oppose aristocracy partly because of his unpleasant past with a noble women. After their first unconsensual encounter, Gerald buy back Jacques freedom just to let him see how hard it is to live as a peasant. But Jacques is very strong willed and not as weak as how Gerald thought he would be, by chance Gerald let Jacques work in his household as a humble servant and they turns out to be getting along just fine, and slowly but sure their feeling to each other began to take form as love.

Just like Bohra Naono, Yoshinaga Fumi’s artwork is not particularly interesting, but she really knows how to make an unique storyline and a very intriguing characterization for each of her character. She did put some sufficient effort to explain about the details of French Revolution, which I must give credit for. Yet it didn’t made this story became very hard to digest especially due to her decent sense of humor. It’s not very angsty, it’s not particularly romantic, and it may be quite silly at times, but it does have some touching and sweet moments to it’s storyline, and indeed not shallow at all. I also need to give credit to beautiful soup for their very nice choice of word in their translation, very well suited with their historical & sociological background making the manga felt quite at home with its English scanlation.


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