This is tempting + 12 kokki fanart hakken

Wow a GyouTai Doujin,

reffering to this >>

Hmm.. very tempting i’ve been waiting for a Gyouso X Taiki flair for a while now

anyway i heard Ono Fuyumi has made yet another continuation of 12kokki Arc, [Hisho no Tori] a short story about a craftsmen in Kei..

Why not a story bout Taiki?? , Hiks T_T

update 21/6 2008

i’ve found some lovely 12kokki fanart site, they have some lovely fanart/ short doujin of the series, i’m not putting up any sample cause i don’t wanna get flamed at ~_~ anyway if you’re a 12kokki fans just check it its lovely

Fanart site list

Lunatic Gate

>> beautiful they make keiki looks like an elf from LOR

>> Chibi 12kokki *squeel* kawaii!!

>> Watch out or the R-rated stuff 😛
>>doujin ancur
>> Fanart Compilation of several artist
>> check out the kirilist its awesome
>> the artwork is not very nice but its en pairing
>> new 25/6/08

and ofcourse the old stuff i’ve known for a while

The Knights’ Gallery

>> just lovely!!

Choumoranma Press

>> just in case you are lost the fanart is over here & en doujin over here

>> is this link dead? aa~n to bad >_<


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