boy meets boy staring kim hye-sung

~소년, 소년을 만나다~

bmb1 bmb2 bmb3

OMG another upcoming BL movie from korea >0< and the star Kim Hye-sung is soo damn cute & so damn young arghh I can’t believe my eyes

bmbkimhyesung-09 kim-hye-sung kimhyesunggg



aaaargh nosebleed

not to mention that this is directed by Kim Jo-Kwang-Joo who produced NO REGRET!! O_o

The film is about Min-Soo (played by Kim Hye Seong) who gets his money stolen from Suk-Yee (played by Hyun-Jin), and they later accidentally meet again on bus, which then spark their love. (soompi)

hyaaa…!!! i wonder how this short movie will turn out


10 thoughts on “boy meets boy staring kim hye-sung”

  1. 4852 said: I forgot to ask do you know what the movie is about? If you do can you please tell me? PLEASE?

    According to news i read on internetBoy, Meets a Boy is about a boy who meets another boy, who stole his money, on a bus. Kim Hye-seong play Min-soo, who has been robbed, and Lee Hyeon-jin (Kimchi Cheese Smile) stars as a bad boy. Unfortunately this is a short movie, not a feature lenght movie like No Regret, rumour say that Kim Hye-Sung, didn’t even get payed playing this rolebut nonetheless i really looking forward seeing Hye-sung played on a gay love story

  2. Thanks^_^But that sucks, it’s a short movie! T_TThey crush my dreams because i’ve always imagened Kim Hye-Sung in a gay movie but now it’s only half a movie T_TWell thaks for the info again ^^.

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