Review: Sakuragari

ISBN: 978-4-09-179026-2

On a mountain slope, alone, unaccompanied…
Except for you, lonely blossoms, to others I am unknown

The time is the Taisho Era
The world was a mix of uneasiness and enjoyment
A boy with high ambitions traveled to the capital…
and by chance, met a young man who was brought up by loneliness.
“It was like I was being called to in the swirling dancing petals…
Drawing in both of our souls…”
“…was either the blessing of the shades of petals falling to the ground or the reverberations as they plunge to perish.”
“How can a man of such beauty exist in the world?”
(Sakuragari preview translation by fynoda)

I was pretty much fell in love at the first chapter with Sakuragari, and now after reading the first four chapter I’ve fallen even deeper. I am not even a fan of Watase Yuu’s , I did read Imadoki but a grow tired of it instantly, I do admit that she makes beautiful male chara though. So when I heard that she made a BL manga I curiously download the scans

And the story was very charming, I applaud Watase-sensei for this one. I love her way of creating atmosphere and transition to dramatize the scene

This is one of my favorite scene

and that wasn’t the best one ;p , I love it especially when she does a symbolic expression to emphasize the intensity of the scene (you’ll understand what I meant if you read it, I can’t feature the examples because that would be major spoiler ;p)

And I also love the details of costum and background of Taisho Era, it was very cool and classic, but the best part of this manga is of course the story and the character. Watase sensei was accurate when she said that this was going to be a drama of strong love & hatred. The main character Souma Saiki x Masataka Tagami would probably become one of my favourite BL pairing because of their complex love story.

(Warning!! this manga is strictly R-rated aside from its Boys Love theme it also contain non-con & incest scene)
scanlation available for download from Watase’s Sorai

art work


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