perfect jaejoong fanart

I just found a perfect Jaejoong fanart

Aaargh keren bgt! Sy ngiri ama orang yg bisa gambar sekeren ini >o<

credit goes to:

wait a moment! i also spot Yunjae

yj1 yj2 yj3

I wonder if she is also the one who made YunJae kissing fanart i saw in youtube some time ago XDD

yj4 yj5
For more of jaw dropping TVXQ fanart check out


3 thoughts on “perfect jaejoong fanart”

  1. Oh Here was the fanart animation i was talking about Caption Translation ver.2:J: Yunho-yah…Y: Hm?J: You grew a white beard. Ha ha ha~J: How did you get so much stuff on your face while eating? Ha ha ha~J: Ayoo~ (sort of like sigh*) Even our yunho’s mole is pretty.J: It’s all over your clothes too.J: Does it taste that good?Y: Jaejoong-ah…J: Hm?Y: To me… you are sweeter…YouSince the moment I first saw you…I was afraid.Because I knew this was going to happen…I know that even though my heart seems like it’s going to burst, I wouldn’t be able to stopI knew.. That I’d go insane…Since the beginning, it was a destiny I couldn’t run away from…the song is Exile – Tada Aitakute first i thought it was jaejoong singing since it sounds like him

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