Review: Lelaki Terindah

rewrite & re-post a review from my old blog

Take me
crossing the ocean of your heart

Imprisoned by your wave of emotion
I could never understand
Take me away from the land of reason

My breath is broken
yet it never dies

Here I sank
in your eternal love

(Lelaki Terindah P.52)

Yay love is in the air !! You know why? Cause currently I’m in love with an Indonesian Novelette called “Lelaki Terindah” (The most beautiful man) This novel is so romantic!! Not just because of it’s BL (Boys love aka. male homosexuality) content! Though honestly my initial motive to read it in the first place was because of that. 😛 This book IMO has a great love story just like Romeo & Juliet kind of image. The best thing about the novel is it’s beautiful poets (ouw i love poet ^o^), check out this one poet (just one example of great poets in this Novel)

Seperti cintamu yang mengalir
di setiap sel tubuhku
menjadi napas
dan denyut nadiku

membuatku mati
bila tak kau cintai

Just like your love flowing
in every cell of my body
it has become my breath
and my pulses

That I would die
if you don’t love me

The story is about a love story of Rafky (typical ideal male figure: Handsome, manly, smart, rich, & sexy *so seme*) and Valent (a ‘beautiful & sincere young man) told by Rafky to The Author (yups he involves himself in the storyline). Started with Rafky begging The Author to write about his story and the author except the offer even though he experience a dilemma since He is also trapped in Rafky’s charm >,< And The True Unconditional Love story between Rafky & Valent rewinds itself while The Author falls deeper into its love story intrigues

if you love great love stories you should read this one, it’s a must! But I must warn you! It contain explicit male homosexuality (rated 17+ by me) So if you’re homophobic maybe you wont like this kinda story, but in the other hand it may change your views!
As my favorite line says “When it came to love the Package don’t matter”, It reminds me that if it came to love the prevailing law is not “I love you because…” but “Because I love You !!”


14 thoughts on “Review: Lelaki Terindah”

  1. :-(cuman punya lagu soundtraknya gw….masih ada ga si tu buku soalnya kan dah lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bngt…kayakna dah berabad2 laluhehehhehehhe

  2. kayakna cd itu cuman bt saat promo aja ya…temen akau bawa cd-ny dl kesini tp ga bw nopelnya ya udah aku rip aja tu lagu….kayakna cuman ada satu lagu aja di cd itu….ya lumayan lah lagunya…tp suara si andrei kurang mantab ya…..

  3. boleh tau dimana bisa beli novel ini ? trus novel satu lagi yg juga booming bgt tp lupa judulnya ( kalo ga salah ada “sin” nya judulnya) udah nyariin tp ga dapat2,ngemail ke penerbitnya ga di respon 😦
    bantu yaa ^^

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