Again Kim Hyesung’s BOY MEETS BOY news

Still about Kim Hyesung’s new movie Boy Meets Boy
someone from Soompi kindly display a snapshot picture of the movie poster


hyaa~! cute as expected XD
and she also informed that acording PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival) schedule, it just going to be a 13 minute preview. whaaat?? 13 Minutes! I already know that this movie is going to be short, but not that short >_< and FYI this movie also has no dialogue at all ~_~
So Kim Hyesung & Lee Hyeon-jin will have to display their attraction to one another by gesture & eye contact XD kyaa~  that should be interesting

kim dfdfawegsd

Dramabean reported that the risk-taker young actor, Kim Hyesung said;
“Although it was difficult to communicate not through dialogue but through a look in the eye, I took up the challenge thinking this would allow me to learn more about acting.”
He also said (probably half joking) that;
“A lot of people think that I’m very effeminate, but that’s not actually true. But toward the end of shooting this film, I thought I might really be able to like hyung [male co-star Lee Hyun-jin].”

nyaa~ that statement make me smile like an idiot XD


Speaking of this pretty boy actor Kim Hye-sung, he grews his hair longer, some people love it & some people don’t
Me? i Just love his pretty face that suits his long hair very well here is one of his lovely pictures


so beautiful!!!!


so cool!!!

anyway does anyone know from what drama this next picture from?


He looks so pretty here XDD


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