Himitsu-nya Reiko Shimizu! mauuuuu!!!! (>_<)

Biasa klo sy kebetulan nemu satu info dan nyari lebih lanjut langsung kebuka deh semua info2 lain yg bikin tambah penasaran >_<
Saya baru tau klo ternyata oneshot di wild cats itu ada lanjutannya XD *walaupun sempet curiga sih*

spml0507np7 Himitsu – The Top Secret (Shimizu Reiko)
Publisher: Hakusensha Jets Comics
Status in Country of Origin : 5 volumes (ongoing)
ISBN 4-592-13234-3
What if it’s possible to extract some two or more years of a person’s memories (projected onto visual display for all to see) from the brain after the person’s death? It would certainly be beneficial for solving difficult murder cases since the memories would display the victims’ last moments. But at what cost? What of the dead’s privacy as strangers poke about in their most private memories? What about the effects the imageries may have on the persons whose jobs require going through psychotic murderers’ minds and experience whatever emotions and feelings these murderers felt as they skin and disembowel their victims? In The Top Secret, Shimizu-sensei explores the idea of re-displaying images of decedents’ memories from their brains. (Hanami-gumi)

Huaaaaa!!! where can i get the scanlation?????

ga cuma itu ternyata tahun ini juga ada animenya (The revelation) yg kabarnya keren bgt, mulai tayang bulan April dan udah tammat ampe ep26 >_< duh jd pengeeen!!the-revelation

Source: http://www.iwanihana.info/the_revelation/

Official site: http://www.ntv.co.jp/secret/

GOTCHA!! The Scanlation ^o^


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