Behold some of the world most beautiful creatures, the Bishonen, also known as Kottminam (flower boys)
God, some male are just to die for drop dead gorgeous.
I personally may have found my true sexual preference (is predominantly toward oriental male sex androgen people) when I recognize the word bishonen, the male sex androgyny creatures who can captivate both men & women to fell in love with them. For these men wearing make-up, crossdressing, and playing gay only add to their charm and wont do them any harm.
I really (I mean really really really) love beautiful guys especially Japanese bishonen, and Korean Kottminam. This gallery is dedicated to some of the most beautiful male alive that have captivated me. You may found the word kakkoii or handsome can also be appropriate to describe these men but for me those description is not enough without the word BEAUTIFUL (We may have different opinions, why don’t you give me your opinions bout ‘em)
Just hold your breath and enjoy their beauty. (^o~)

Since 1999~2012

Update 2013


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