Junki Oppa!!

Junki in Clazziquai – Sweety MV, so damn cute!! hyaa ternyata doi pernah jd model di videoklip my current fav singer Alex ^o^
oh iya before i forgot mau post ttg kunjungan Junki k Jakarta buat temen2 sy

ngiri berat sy ama orang2 ini >o< ihiks coba bisa ketemu jg
Oppa!! >0<

junkijkt1 junkijkt2 junkijkt3 junkijkt4 junkijkt5 junkijkt6 junkijkt7 junkijkt8 junkijkt9 junkijkt10

english trans of junki’s cy post ~~

Our….Beautiful Times..
2009.02.18 – 12:03 p.m.

Before making the decision…. I was afraid..

Only I wouldn’t help alleviate anything.
And I also wonder if I could give them as much love as they needed.
No, it sure was a reality, but how would I communicate and all.
I kept asking myself over and over again.

Each day that we were together, I realized.
Not that I give something to them, instead I ended up learning a lot from them. Reality.
It wasn’t hard. I kept the hardness inside without knowing it.

The day we left, senior Kim Ha Neul and I cried warm tears (tears of happiness?)
No, It was just teary eyes.
Sad, too, happy, too, a blurred feeling.
What can I do..
It wasn’t enough.
Either to them, or to us

It was good times
I feel sorry for them
It was more like our times than theirs.

I love you..
I love you..

I miss you.
Dimas, Vicky, Oteuri and granny..
Take care of your health..

p.s. A very big love from my fans
you guys always make me feel ashamed. Every little cent will not be wasted.
They’ll have their playground, sport equipment, computer room and all.
I have to thank you all, our family.
Thank you

Together with our Indonesian family, thank you for your love.
Fans from each and every country have the same heart,
beautiful and always look after me, never change.
No difference, no matter where you are, my family.

I love you.Thank you.

Korean to English Translations by: CheonHye of Lee Jun-ki Cr
unchyroll Fan GroupLee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group

aargh he was so close!! I’m going to regret this big time


6 thoughts on “Junki Oppa!!”

  1. hohohoho.. saya ngefans bgt ama clazziquai… full team + junki uda plg bagus…alex suruh nyanyi yg lagunya she is, horan suruh nyanyi lover boy, robotica, night stage, wkwkwkwkjunki jadi karakter2 cacadnya di sweety XDbtw, cw yg nemenin junki siapa ya?

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