Review: Lucky-kun (Koun Danshi)

My mother has remarried and is away on her honeymoon. She’ll be back home in another ten days.
Altough Subaru and I aren’t blood relatives, technically we’re still brothers…
So, I’m in deep shit. My emotions are in turmoil…
(Miura on Lucky-kun vol.1)

Fates are playing a jokes on them when their parents remarried, suddenly Subaru & Miura is left under the same roof as brothers while their parents away on their honeymoon. With their opposite character first it’s seems impossible for them to get along, but what will happen if they feel drawn together by an unseen magnet .

Stranger turn brothers turn lovers a quite typical plot on BL manga, but don’t be so fast on passing judgment, I got a bad feelings that a dramatical ending is waiting around the corner for them judging from Takaguchi sensei’s track record ^^”.

a very nice manga from Satosumi Takaguchi sensei, the author of Sakende Yaruze! (I will shout!). Though i couldn’t quite grasp her others manga I’ve read (aside from Sakande Yaruze & Lucky-kun), but I really loves the way she potrays the anxiousness and the not so simple emotions of love.


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