Nobody Knows & tangan terampil Yunho

If someone asked Jaejoong about his favourite type he would always answer
“a person with beautiful hand”, and yes Yunho have a pair of beautiful hand with beautiful lean and long fingers ❤
JJ confirms it once again on Oshareism (credit to jer_sweety)

notice the cute little arrow in the up right corner! do I need to tell you who was sitting on that side?

YH: Boku?
Me: Umm *grin*

and not just beautiful that hand like to do lots of things, like recently on kira-kira show







enter fangirling hysteria here HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

*calms self*

Now lunatunalover translated DBSK new song Nobody Knows and it is obviously YUNJAE!! ❤

Nobody Knows

* Even though I love you, nobody knows
The veil of darkness hides how you’re staring
Footsteps interrupt, but we’re just lost in a daze, searching each other’s eyes
Where the sighs go, no one knows

Now we’re both accomplices, we’re marked by this
I can come meet you, it doesn’t matter what the excuse is; I say you “have a terrible headache and can’t sleep”

I push you against the wall
Baby, checkmate
In this situation, we have no choice but to melt together
Are you still afraid of something?
I’ll be by your side forever, and deep within you

** A “destiny satisfied” or a “beautiful eternity”
Right now, I’m not concerned with those things, you’re everything
Your eyes pull me in, your magnificence is addictive
Every day is like this and no one knows

If you don’t want to lie, just be silent until morning*
I alone know the truth… that this isn’t a nightmare, it’s love

Bitter, painful black chocolate, mouth-to-mouth communication
I promised I’d stop if you cried
So for now, let’s just experience one another*

Someday, I want to see the blue sky with you
Is it alright to wish that? Secretly, in my heart…
As you sleep, I play the piano on your back
And no one knows the words to that melody

I’ll be by your side forever, and deep within you

* Repeat
** Repeat

Aaaah the lyric is so beautiful i could cry T^T


17 thoughts on “Nobody Knows & tangan terampil Yunho”

  1. gyahahahahahbener!sakit klo g diterusin d blkng layar maksudna w..[pervy mode:ON]eh?w sala ketik y..yah, istilah itu sering dipake di fic [skrg da jarang bc fic, w sala tulis kli y] tp bacaannya mang callous ko..tar w cek lg deh..*jd malu, he3*artinya cekatan tp dalam hal sperti ‘itu’gyahahahaha

  2. dongbang13 said: *baca komen dibawah*huwa… pembicaraan 18+!! chibi masih inosen =bsenpai, vote bwt db di channel[v] donk

    gyhahahahahaada nak dibawa umur…maaf ya de..-__-‘ –> bad sister

  3. mwahahaha… chibi dah 17 kug beberapa bulan lalu dan chibi gag inosen!!cuma gag da yg nyangka aja, soalny chibi kelakuanny kae nak kecil =bicha>> gag pa2 kug nee. malahan kalo di kampus chibi yg nyebarin virus ^^/v

  4. pipi guwe sakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit nahan ketawa seneng liat tangan yunhoaduuuh..coba ya yunhoooo…tangannya dimana aja kapan aja sellau loooo mending cuma numpang taro ini dibelahan paha dalam…. *koleps**berdarah darah*

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