Nobody Knows Yunjae Analysis

Theoretically speaking if Nobody Knows is a YunJae song, then my mission as a YunJae follower to crack the secret code behind that song hehe. *is crazy XD*

WARNING: Avid Fangirl Analysis Ahead!

Nobody Knows Yunjae Analysis/Theory

First I must say it is indeed the slash-est  song since Gakuhai Orenji no Taiyo ^o^. So here we go..
(translation credit lunatunalover)

Even though I love you, nobody knows
The veil of darkness hides how you’re staring
Footsteps interrupt, but we’re just lost in a daze, searching each other’s eyes
Where the sighs go, no one knows

I admit the first line& the title is not so YunJae, because EVERY Dongbangshinki fans will know about Yunjae, they are highly noticeable couple/pairing, not that I’m complaining.
Thus this song about a secret affair, If not YunJae than the song could be applicable to people who hides their love in secret, probably a gay couple XD.
2nd line ; Hmm the secret stares is so Yunjae,  So  it was some night they are alone somewhere nobody can see them but they can hear people foot step but they just didn’t care (woo I’m sure that  was exciting XDD).
Last line; it’s tiring to hide their relationship T^T

Now we’re both accomplices, we’re marked by this
I can come meet you, it doesn’t matter what the excuse is; I say you “have a terrible headache and can’t sleep”

They are guilty for the crime of being in love XD (that sounds very romantic in its own way) and they are marked by it. *cough*obvious*cough*
They made up excuses to be together, like saying they have a terrible headache and can’t sleep and sneak up to a room *grin*

I push you against the wall
Baby, checkmate
In this situation, we have no choice but to melt together
Are you still afraid of something?
I’ll be by your side forever, and deep within you

Woaaa *nose bleed*  this phrase  pretty much said it all. Now I’m imagining Yunho pushing Jaejoong against the wall %&*%OT%){&GJ^I&#*#! So Jaejoong is still afraid but Yunho promise that he’ll be by his side forever and *nose bleed*

A “destiny satisfied” or a “beautiful eternity”
Right now, I’m not concerned with those things, you’re everything
Your eyes pull me in, your magnificence is addictive
Every day is like this and no one knows

It’s probably a destiny or beautiful eternity but right now they just don’t care all they know is just they meant everything to one another. 3rd line; well Jaejoong’s eyes is like a magnet and his attraction turns Yunho into an addict XDD. Last phrase; well they practically live together, so every day it was like that but no one knows *yeah right!*

If you don’t want to lie, just be silent until morning
I alone know the truth… that this isn’t a nightmare, it’s love

They must keep their voice down or else they have to make up a story for the next day XDD
It’s nothing wrong they are just in love <3333333333333333333

Bitter, painful black chocolate, mouth-to-mouth communication
I promised I’d stop if you cried
So for now, let’s just experience one another

Their secret love hurts and sad T^T but like a black chocolate it’s delicious? XD I want to witness that mouth to mouth communication XDD, I don’t think I need to explain the rest of this phrase XD

Someday, I want to see the blue sky with you
Is it alright to wish that? Secretly, in my heart…
As you sleep, I play the piano on your back
And no one knows the words to that melody

I’ll also pray for the day to come when YunJae (if they are real) can be out in the open :p . Aaah just picturing Yunho playing a melody on Jaejoongs back, so beautiful TT^TT someone should make a fanart! Me? I don’t have enough talent to draw that.

I’ll be by your side forever, and deep within you

Yunjae Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤


64 thoughts on “Nobody Knows Yunjae Analysis”

  1. just find out urs ^^n hell yeah u got sharp logic 2analyze it (just like chompoo w her ghost eyes)did u realize aft mirotic, almost all their songs esp d secret code got lotta lyrics like that kind?skinship, a bit mmph~ *smacked by onnie*bt that what they wanna show, as adult now (i kinda forget where did they explain it mian *bowed*)n THAT TOTALLY SPOT! i was nosebleeding reading d lyrics n voila! yunjae happen acting in my mind(onnie! back off from my oppa)*killed by onnie*

  2. wwoooooooowwww… that was sooo romanticc.. hwaa.. i’m melting rite now.. gaaahh.. this is a song that made by jaejoong rite?? waaahh.. his thought is deep inside..

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