Jaejoong said there are secret behind secret code XDDDDD

Hyaaa I’m Hyper XDDD yet another confession from jaejoong, there ARE secret behind secret code *cough*nobody knows*cough* <333

ehmm… *calms self*

*calming self failed* kyaaaaa XDDD

i’ll try to quote it for you guys
they were talking about Secret code and
so Jaejoong said: (from 0:23)
“…Tohoushinki no himitsutekina tokoro ha ippai kakushite iru kamo shireinai no de sagashite mite kudasai tanoshinde kudasai…”
translate = there are pobably a lots of Tohoushinki SECRET side hidden so please look for it and enjoy it
<333333333 are you thinking what i’m thinking ❤
Crazy Love, Nobody Knows … = YUNJAE

23 thoughts on “Jaejoong said there are secret behind secret code XDDDDD”

  1. chibi bingung nyeritainny.tp yg pasti wasurenaide i2 ditulis JJ bwt ex-ny, trus kalo gag salah *ngutip dari yunjae everlasting* tuh cewe minta balik pas JJ dah tenar. gag tau malu!!!

  2. Oooooh… So your analysis might be right! LOL You might have hit bullseye then & we can say that YunJae relationship is true! *butterflies in the stomach* I think I’m excited! But if ever those two will confess/ come out then I guess I’m right to say that the fans won’t be surprised. I will still like them. Thanks for the add! 😀

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