When Beckham Meet Owen, addition to wishlist

Kyaaaa sial saya nemu satu judul baru film BL nih XD kayanya seru


Dong Pek Ham yu sheung O Wan
{ When Beckham Meet Owen }

This film from director Adam Wong is a soccer movie about a character named Beckham, but not that Beckham. The story centers on a pair of young boys in Hong Kong who meet in school and become fast friends friends on the soccer field. As Beckham and Owen grow up together, their bond strengthens and, before long, their relationship has unexpectedly blossomed into a romance. When Beckham Met Owen stars Eric Leung and Kelvin Lau.(review:http://www.flixster.com/movie/when-beckham-met-owen)

Michael and David are friends and partners in the school soccer team. Despite their differences, the fun of soccer binds them together, until one day when Michael starts to suspect his feelings for David are something more than just friendship…

Oh why why why XDD

PS link donloadnya saya taro di the hidden entry Link Download Movie Compilation
Oh yeah and check out where did I got the link http://pecinta-adam.blogspot.com/


10 thoughts on “When Beckham Meet Owen, addition to wishlist”

  1. Uchie,Haha bs jd skandal tuhVie-chan, MadaSherry,I think so, just like eternal summer and formula17Shinrei,Blom nonton, tp ini film masuk box office d negrinya ktnya berarti lumayanlah,Rey,Oh iya lupa blg sy udah pernah ngereview boy meets boy

  2. *gubrak*chibi kirain beneran beckham yg maen!!udah nonton belum?? bagusan mana sm formula17?geez… akhir2 ne chibi kena karma mulu, tiap mo dunlut BL ada aja halangannya T.T

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