BL News: Friends?

Oh peple you are so gonna love this! the director of No Regrets & Boy Meets Boy has decided to make yet another queer movies with the title Friends? [친구사이?]

(credit & complete news for drama beans;

uuuu i cant wait XDD

here’s some scene to be expected

kiss scene!! XD

another kissing!! waaa XDDD

the actors is not bad <333
noww for boys love fans, don’t tell me you are not anticipating this :p

15 thoughts on “BL News: Friends?”

  1. Shira chan => Ri tunggu ^o^/Janganpanggilakusexy => mendingan 50 menit T_T boys meet boys CUMA 10 MENIT!!! UDAH GT KEPOTONG ADEGAN MALAIKAT SABLENG ITU PULA!!! *tendang malaikatx*

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