some review and a little note on Indonesian manga artists gone international

Ola my multiply reader and friends! miss me much? 😛

anyway I’m going to add some new review on the review section
of; A Jihad for Love, Were the world mine, and MORTE
make sure you check them out ^o^ i’m working on the reviews ^^”

this time I’m aching to introduce some of Indonesian Comic/Manga Artist succeeding to publish their works abroad (US red.)

FYI Indonesia, my country have a lot of hidden talent sadly unnoticeable in their own country, but has achieve acknowledgment of foreign publisher

one of them is Rhea Silvan , she has publish several titles with Macmillan & Yaoi Press
This year she was even invited to attend a Yaoi Con in the US.

I must say WOW! to publish a manga with foreign publisher more so a Yaoi one?! that must be dream come true XDD, she is not the only one. Yaoi Press (US) also works with some other Indonesian names like Rie Ikaza (or Fitri) & Studio Kosaru

Anzu, was also relatively know in Indonesia but she has improved so much from her manga published with Elex, Now she have published few title with Del Rey. Currently she is trusted to work on X-Men Misfits of Del Rey and Marvel Comics


Bayou, currently published her fist volume with Tokyopop but have yet to establish her name on the industry

that are some that I could mention, and there are some more Indonesian artist out there

Now who dare to say that Indonesian Comic Artist/Mangaka is nothing?!!

PS. Please support M&C new line of Local Comics KOLONI
my recommendation are GARUDAYANA of Is Yuniarto & MORTE from EKYU



17 thoughts on “some review and a little note on Indonesian manga artists gone international”

  1. wow! good thing you’ve written about thisi’ve always thought that yaoi only hasjapanese mangakas. hihii’m also a bit jealous because yaoi isstarting to flourish in your country whilehere, i dunno. still underground or evennonexistent. haha!i’m a bit intrigued with the title A Jihad for religion is not Islam but we do have relativeswho are Moslems and i grew up in a communitywith many so i do understand the word jihad. LOLit’s just knew to me that it’s used for yaoi. i know i’mnot making sense. haha! it’s just that religion is asensitive topic & i’m not good at explaining it.i hope Shiralove gets what I mean. hehehe

  2. woooo kereeenn!! kemarenan temen gw ke seoul international cartoon & animation festival, ada booth tempat majang karya komikus indonesia gitu, ada His Other Personality & karya2nya Sentimental Amethyst

  3. Sheicchi, Honey the condition in my country is the same, being the largest moslem population, it would be impossible to publish yaoi here. That is one reason why our mangaka choose to publish abroadAs for “A jihad for love” the jihad in the title means “to strive or to struggle” you’ll understand if you watch the documenter ^^Vie-chan, kayanya local publisher lg niat masarin ke luar (singapore,malay) jg sekarang Keiichi, u’re welcome, support local manga Yay!

  4. Mari menunggu scantnya ajah qlo emang ga di publish di indo, puh, puh, puh, negara qta tak adil bagi para yaoi lova. Aq tau Bayou sma Anzu, huehehe.. Bangga ada juga yg eksis di luar sana.. XD

  5. garudayana udah abis tuh di gramedia merdeka bandung -terakhir Oni liat, buhehe, sementara morte masih menumpuk banyak (pada beli Morte atuhh dooong >.<)tapi hihi, jadi narsis nih cover morte dipajang disini ma Risna.. tenkyuuu!! boleh di share ke FB ngga nehh?? biar pada tau semua anak2 komik XDD

  6. kalo ngga mau yang shounen, cobain aja baca chrysanthemum dulu, Ris… jarang2 loh ada komik shoujo (?) karya komikus indo yg bisa ekyu baca dengan tenang sampe abis XD…

  7. arashihonou said: akhirnya baca Chrysantheum jugabagus! ada unsur sejarah Jugun ianfuu

    itu komik debut Adriane & Chairunnisa loh, Ris… hasilnya ngga mengecewakan kan? XDD

  8. arashihonou said: Adriane kayanya dah pernah denger deh, bukannya ada komik dia yg lain?

    entah yaa kalo Adriane bikin komik indie/doujin (belom pernah liat sih), tapi setau ekyu, komiknya yg terbit lewat jalur penerbit baru Chrysan~ ini XD… PS. Adriane fujoshi loh XDD *dilempar pisau*… btw, beberapa hari lagi komiknya Archie the RedCat rilis loh… hhehehehe

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