Review: A Jihad For Love

Do not abandon us.We need You in this moment.Protect us from committing
acts You won’t forgive.

Help us remove this desire
and replace it with love.

Let us die as Muslims. Amen.

A Jihad for Love is an extreme documentary movie created in 2007. Why extreme? because it potrays the real life gay moslem women & men conflicted with their sexuality and their faith to Islam. I myself as a moslem know exactly how risky and controversial this subject is.

But I assure you this one is not another negative campaign attempt toward Islam. In fact the creator of the documentary is a Moslem that happen to be gay also. Every individuals in the documentary portrays a strong faith toward Islam and a good moslem despite their sexuality.

If you dare to see this movie you’ll perhaps see the issue with a new perspective.
I do not say that homosexuality is allowed in Islam, but I can’t help to wonder what if..
As you would see in the documenter the Individuals in this movie also struggling to find the truth. As one of the character in this documentary Maryam(probably not her real name) a moslem lesbian who wear hijab. She strongly believed that homosexuality is a grave sin yet she love a women therefor she was deeply tormented that she wish that she could be punished to ease her sense of guilt.

The Jihad used in this movie related to their strive and struggle with theirself, and I think that it was appropriate

The best lesson I could take from this documenter is that how much those individual love their religion and how much they are believing and fighting for the mercy & love of God

“Do not despair of the mercy of God…

…because God, to you,
is most merciful.”


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