Na Ye-ri; Manhwa to look out for

Last night i just read Peter Panda, a ManHwa by Na Yeri (licensed in my country by Elex)
hmm.. Good!!! Great unexpected storyline, and BEAUTIFUL artwork! ❤ ❤
I am familiar with her name because she is a wellknown Yaoi/Sho-ai Manhwa author, but I never grab any of her works just because i DIDN’T read Manhwa ^_^” wrong move! now I know 😛
for those of you who likes reading Drama, Fantasy, Psy Genre, with a hint of Shonen-ai ofcourse (hmm.. sounds like someone I know:p) try this title

This time I’m going to try reading her YAOI piece online
U don’t know me
aaargh online screening ~3~ such a burden ~
does anyone know where I could just download the whole piece??


8 thoughts on “Na Ye-ri; Manhwa to look out for”

  1. Na ye ri itu yg ilustrasinya suka dpake bwt buku2 tulis b5 gtu kan…gw lumayan ngoleksi buku2nya…bis suka gambarnya, yg yaoi yaaaa… :pOya, tao fullhouse?! kata temen gw mangakanya da biqin manhwa yaoi juga, lupa gw tiba2 judule..pokoke singkat gtu d judule..

  2. gu suka bgt sama komik ini,, tapi kata temen gu ceritanya aneeh.. trus mereka pada gak ada yang ngertii..nemu temeeen…. seneng… x))oia,, salam kenal aniweii…gu add yaa… :))

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