BL News Update: Friends? 친구사이

an update on Friend? 친구사이 (or Just Friend?)
the movie will be release on December 17, that is pretty close from now ^o^

meanwhile we have a trailer

*ripping the trailer from youtube XD*

the story:
A young gay man visits the army base to meet his friend / lover? who’s doing his time in the Korean military service. Many unexpected things start to happen then. The film tells the story of this young couple.

some news

and some picture

Oww this movie sure does have a LOT of kissing scene >///< cipokan melulu nih gambar2nya

Expect the unexpected expected LOL


30 thoughts on “BL News Update: Friends? 친구사이”

  1. Tomoya Nagase yang mayounaka no yaji-san & kita-san kan BLTomoya Nagase sy lupa jd Yaji apa Kita (blom nonton jg soalnya) tp Yaji&Kita pasangan gay gt trus ada adegan kissu d tatami XDFilmnya sendiri film seni yg rada2 abstrak gitu deh hehe

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