BL News: Hello My Love 헬로우 마이 러브

aaaand another gay movie from Korea.

I’m screwed XD

Ho-jeong (Jo An) is shocked and heartbroken when her boyfriend of 10 years suddenly comes out of the closet and decides to leave her for a man. An unconventional romantic comedy unfolds as Ho-jeong tries to win him back from a rival she never imagined having. All ages admitted.

Link Trailer

News from Hancinema


27 thoughts on “BL News: Hello My Love 헬로우 마이 러브”

  1. yah yang kmaren ja saia blom donlot suda muncul yang inni… inni yang ikut di ratu sendok nyak?… bagus ih trelernya saia suka cinta segitiga dimana ceweknya gigit jari huahahahahahahahahahahabtw donlot yang just friend dimana atuh? samma yang inni juga kalu ada link dunlutnya saia juga mauuu *sembah sujud*

  2. @sheichi, it has already released last October on Jeonju International Film Festifal, as for dvd’s i dont know it might be judging from those promotional pictures@thesso, klo saya dapet sy share ntar, iya pemerannya ada yg main di sendok

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