Jaejoong back to blonde

Jaejoong die his color again,

the color is gold? yellow? orange?

He look like Kyo from furuba anime XD I thought he was more like Yuki before

anyway he still look hot in that color ❤


19 thoughts on “Jaejoong back to blonde”

  1. different sexiness from different hair’s color ❤ but i prefer raven black, he has the mysterious sexiness in that color…or a bit purplish like that at mirotic time, a way too hotter i think :p

  2. absolutely not bad ^^ everybody need a change in their life, eventhough is just hair’s color :p aargh i want to cut my hair too, but dunno which style i have to choose >.< *koq jd curhat* LOL

  3. gw bulet shira, tp bukan bulat telur >.< hampir 2 taun ini gw motong shaggy korea mulu tp rada panjang gtu prnh motong pendek tp kata temen ga cocok krn muka gw bulat T___T pdhl enakan pendek, ga repot ngurusnya :p

  4. pengen motong kek rambut jae pas di dating on earth ato skalian kek di mirotic :p *jjiiaaah jaejoong lg LOL* kembaran ma nao jd na y klo kek di mirotic punya LOL tp klo kek di DoE sdg rambut gw tipis, bisa jd makin tipis kek na >.< pengen na pendek shira, biar tetep kliatan muda :p

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