Review: Do Whatever You Want

No matter what happen I know,
I will not loose you

A youth infatuation and lifelong friendship that’s pretty much of what’s going on between the two main characters of Do Whatever you want

Their friendship came from attraction bordering on homoerotic attraction. Jinwon Hyun is a portrait of your regular carefree high school student. And Hooso who was the more mature and calm kind of boy. Jinwon noticed that Hooso was constantly staring at him and become more & more curious about his intention. After learning that they share the same interest in music and admiration for each other they become very close. Some time that closeness alienates Jinwon other friends. Enter two girls, Soomin and Dana, and the drama in the 4 characters lives unfolds. How would they cope and examine their feelings for each other.

Some may think that this is not a real shonen-ai, but the attraction and emotion is very clear as the story evolves, it may need a closer look because its subtle-ness. A bittersweet story about love and true friendship, a Na Yeri specialties.


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