GIMP, A Free Alternative to Photoshop and other free stuffs

I found a free alternative to my adobe photoshop, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
it’s very light and have all of the essential features i needed and Totally Free ^o^
it still need some ‘getting used to’ but so far i’m liking it ^o^

read more about it on wiki

Download from HERE

And for those of you who like to experiment with Web Design you can try
Wix, a FREE online website builder with lots of cool free templates and cool animation tool

Or if you can also use Seamonkey (a web browser) html editor for your experiment
Sea Monkey is a cross-platform Internet suite, it have all of the goodness from mozilla firefox add-on plus it can also be your email client for sending and recieving mails (like outlook) and your html/web editor
so cool for a Free browser

Search other OPEN SOURCE Alternatives :


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