YunJae Quote

I loooove these quotes makes me miss yunjae more

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“there are flaws in romance but love is perfect” – Kim Jaejoong

“I know Yunho from his personality to his body” -Jaejoong -> YunJae mode now.

“I don’t even remember when fans started to become obssesed with us. Is YunJae really that interesting?” -JJ

at a fanmeet ->Fan: Jaejoong gege, you do know that JiJi in chinese means penis right? *JJ stares awkwardly at her then blushes

“The chinese yunjae fans are very kind. They sent me and Yunho links to fanfictions. *giggles* They were ‘fun’ to read.”-JJ

“When Jaejoong kissed Hyo Joo, the whole movie theater was screaming in agony and I heard multiple shouts of ‘YunJae!'” -Movie cinema staff.

“I met Yunho in 2001. Then we met again in SM and I was a bit surprised. I guess it’s fate.” -JJ

“I think the fan’s minds are very interesting. The plots in the fanfictions are very cool to…

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