This week Bishounen/Kottminam : Miura Haruma, Seo In Guk, Yoon Shi Yoon

Hi it’s been so long since my last proper posting

This week i was catching up with LAST CINDERELLA dorama, a little behind following my friends and it was GOOD!!
Miura Haruma is really hot in this dorama, i’ve seen some of his drama but this is the first time i’m really taken by his character


he played this bad boy character whom you are not sure wheter to like our hate but keep you intrigued, and again he was hot 🙂

This week i’m still very much into SEO IN GUK, i lovee him since i watched reply 1997 He got great connection with both Eunji & Hoya on reply 1997, and now i was streaming his MV i loved his voice, and i also loved how he was featured in K Will’s MV ‘please dont’ awww awww his crying act is superb

among his song i love this song With Laughter or With Tears (some translate i smiled and I cry)

I think this song has a very deep meaning if you connect it with his struggle with bulimic, ah i’m falling for him ❤

Also this week i was watching Flower Boy Next Door , and i found Yoon Shi Yoon hmm i think i’ve seen his drama before some melodrama about bakery, he really looked like Lee Junki long lost brother hehe & i love Lee Junki as you know
but in Flower Boy Next Door first i liked Kim Ji Hoon character and face more but then i start to notice him more

he is so cuute & funny and then @ episode 14 when he pretend as mafia

awww hotness!!


i think thats all my Kottminam dose for tonight. おやすみなさい~~~


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