This week Bishounen/Kottminam : Sota Fukushi

Okay I just watch Starman (スターマン☆この星の恋  ) and i found this cute guy Sato Fukushi,

Starman starman_img_05

in this drama he play the role of a man loosing his memory and get tricked on becoming a husband of a mother with 3 kids, costaring with one of my favourite bishoujo Ryoko Hirosue ❤

i think his face is kinda familiar but didnt notice him atall , well he sure got my attention now ^_^

i tried to find more cute pictures of him but i think his looks from Starman looks best for him



and also i found out about two of his other interesting movie
Toei suspence scyfy movie “Boku ga Shokei Sareru Mirai” (In the Future, when I am Executed) here is the trailer

and this Year realese Enoshima Prism

and i want to watch thoose one too!!!!!

read about him here>>

looking forward to see more of him ❤


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