Kottminam of the week; Yoo Ah In

This week i would like to feature korean actor who capture my heart from his character of ongoing hit drama Secret Love Affair

Its not that i didn’t know him , i’ve known and watch some of his earlier movies boys of tommorow and antique bakery, and also he was famous with his bromance with Song joongki in Sungsukkwan Scandal (ow you know how i love bromance)
But Individually he never really pique my interest more than now when he start his unconventional drama Secret Love Affair costaring with much senior Actress Kim Hee Ae

Recently i start watching his reality program Yoo Ah In’s Launch My Life (Mnet) and i found out that he have such a feisty charm that is unique compared to others well mannered korean actors
He is very frank with his opinion and emotion even on camera and he also have high  distinctive taste for fashion and wont take no shit from anyone
A very interesting Kottminam we have here i look forward to see more of him in the future

for our closure lets watch his very hot photoshoot with his costar kim hee ae for ELLE


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