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Ok i usually do a series review after the show is finished but i cant help it this time i just love this show so freaking much and i think it still need more exposure for the International fans.

Welcome to Friday an elite all boy school in Thailand, where the girls from neighboring school just wanna date them so much. Enter two ‘ordinary’ boy Phun and Noh. Noh is on the music club he is the quasi-leader of the pack among the boys . With his outgoing and cartoon-ish personality everybody in the school seems to know him, and his friend just follows him around most of the time. Phun is the elite among the elite with his rich family background he is the secretary of student council, he is the smart and good kid that every one like + a beautiful girlfriend to brag.
One day Noh got in trouble because his club budget get cut drastically, he went to Phun for help. Phun then propose something he cant believe in exchange for his favor, to be his fake boyfriend so that Phun Yaoi Lover Sister can help him convince their father that he wont match-make Phun with his friends daughter.

The boy will soon find out that they shouldn’t toy with their status when they figure out how they actually feels for each other

The Trailer

I’m pleasant surprised about how good this Lakorn (Thai Drama) is. I mean it is REALLY REALLY good, What impress me the most is that the story was adapted from an online Thai’s Boys Love / Yaoi novel called that became a big hit and were published as a book. The novel is originally called LOVE SICK : Chunlamoon Noom Kang Keng Namgern by [INDRYTIMES] (LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys) and it is really very very good Boys Love Story.


The series currently still ongoing season 1 every Sunday night in thailand and i’m addicted to it so far

International fan is lucky because, a kind soul Kudalakorn is providing a very good and fast sub of the drama and ongoing translation of the original novel.

For those of you who love their BL drama to be funny, fluffy, and equally romantic with all the feels YOU SHOULD NOT MISS WATCHING this one.

note for beginner episode 1 is just an introduction of the whole cast with not much of the main storyline, if you dont like it just fastforward or skip to episode 2. By episode 2 i guarantee you will be addicted

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Selamat datang di Friday SMA khusus cowo paling elit di Thailand, sampai cewe2 dari sekolah disekitarnya selalu mengincar mereka untuk jadi pacar.
Di sini kita bertemua dua anak lelaki ‘biasa’ Phun dan Noh. Noh tergabung dalam club music sekolah ini dan kepala suku tidak resmi diantara teman-temannya. Dengan kepribadiannya yang ramah dan kocak semua anak satu sekolah kenal dengan dia dan dia selalu dikelilingi oleh teman-temannya. Sedangkan Phun adalah siswa elit diantara yang elit di sekolah ini dia menjabat sebagai sekertaris OSIS sekolah. Dia anak yang pintar dengan latar belakang keluarga yang sangat kaya dia tetap tidak sombong + punya pacar yg cantik sehingga semua orang kagum dan menyukainya.

Suatu hari Noh mendapat masalah karena budget clubnya terpotong drastis, dia kemudian meminta pertolongan kepada Phun. Phun kemudian meminta sesuatu yang tidak dia percaya untuk barter pertolongannya, dia meminta Noh untuk pura-pura jadi pacarnya, agar adik Phun yg pencinta Yaoi bisa membujuk orang tua mereka agar tidak menjodohkan Phun dengan teman ayahnya

Mereka nantinya akan belajar untuk tidak bermain-main dengan status mereka saat menyadari apa yang mereka sebenarnya rasakan untuk satu sama lain, dan kita akan menyaksikan mereka terjerat LOVESICK


Love Sick The Series (ラブシック・サ・シリース) とはタイからの人気ボイスラブ小説から作られた2014年連続ドラマのヒット

フライデーへようこそ ここはタイ国のエリート 男子学校、近隣の学校の女子がちょうどデートした理想の男子たちが通っている学校。
‘普通’の 少年 プン(Phun) とノ(Noh) が紹介する。
ノくんは音楽クラブの子で少年の間でパックのリーダー的存在、明るくて面白くていつも中間に囲まれていた。プン はエリートの中にエリート彼は生徒会の秘書をやっている。豊かな家族に育てられスマートと礼儀ただしのうえ人気があって美しいガール フレンドもいる。


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9 thoughts on “Review: Love Sick The Series”

  1. Im from Philippines. We are so addicted about the movie “Lovesick”.. We just recently notice this when we watch the second season for Hormones.

    Every episode is really fascinating .. When will be the season 2 for this series… Cant wait on it

  2. huhuhu..Oh, I see! that would be 6months from now. Hope they will release it sooner. Cant wait to see the next season.. Do you know any link that will summarize the story for the season 2?

  3. May I leave my English cover version of the opening song (Shake)?
    I get the inspiration to make this record from our beloved Lovesick series which always make me can’t stop smiling. : ))

    Hope you enjoy listening! 

  4. Hi…. where could i buy the book? Im from the Philippines … maybe be through online.. there is no available here in my country… hope you coud help… thank you

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