My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v2.0

Wuih dah lama bgt sejak saya ngomongin tentang OTP dan penyakit shipping saya, time have passed so much now i think its time to update you about my recent top pairings

This entry is to update My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ which i posted in 2008
this is an additional list from before so i wont post the previous pairing again although i still love them obviously (YunJae forever!!!)
check the previous list on

Here are the list of pairing which captivated my heart from 2012-2014

My current NO . 1 OTP ofcourse is

1. White & Captain


If you havent watch their drama OMG you should it’s called Love Sick the series

series review>>

White x Captain drive me crazyyyy just like how YunJae did T^T, i wish they are together for REAL

their photo collection>>

2. Myungsoo (L) x Sungjoong


They are a beautiful beautiful couple

3. Kim Woobin x Lee Jongsuk

20934The bromance between Hyeungsoo (Woobin) and Go Namsoon (Jungsook) the character on School 2013 can compete with most of BL drama couples, it can even make some of them to shame. It’s a LOVE story in my opinion ^_^ they just haven’t realise it yet.

While in real life, these two male model are gorgeous, actually they were not my type at first, but i fall in love with them instantly ❤
the more you see them they more they looked Hot and Sexy, they are that awesome!

and ofcourse their chemistry of screen is great as well

4 Tao x Sehun (EXO)



it takes a fancam just one fancam that makes me ship Tao x Sehun, anyway i think the sexual tension between them is on fire judging from the fancam

5 DaiMao


They have the BEST love scene i’ve ever scene on a BL movie and they seem to enjoy theirself doing it (//_//)

Peniel x Sungjae (BTOB)


Peniel & Sungjae is adorable, they are so cuuute

5. Song Jongki x Yoo Ah in

image007 167870_144746668914020_133744256680928_239341_3482444_n

What shall i say bout them, they landed best male x male couple award for Sungsukwan scandal

6. Baekho x Ren (Nu’est)

6baekren1 tumblr_m32yg7aY771qil1ozo1_400

This pairing is gorgeous

that’s all from now there is more i’ll make another list just for my cutest bromance pairing in movie or drama


7 Bank X James


1 more couple i just cant get enough of lately, Bank & James looked so cuuute together, some say they will be paired for HTS season 3 because of the test screen pratice where they rock start to become a hot items

anyway i agree they are cuuute and i wish they stay as good friend and perhaps something more

11 thoughts on “My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v2.0”

  1. I know you are Indonesian so I will give comment in “gado-gado” language ehehehe!!!

    I just know love sick the series 2 weeks ago by chance. Just found in google when I was randomly googling “Thai romantic drama” #serious!! I am not drama lover, not even K. Drama or J. Dorama. But I don’t know why I am googling this topic. OK! maybe I just boring hehehe!! And booommm, I found this amazing drama series.

    Love sick make my world “jungkir balik”#I don’t know how to say in proper English :-p. It’s remind me when first time I knew DBSK (I just love this Kpop), I started to search their vidio concert, variety show, talk show, shortly everything about DBSK I will search.

    Same as now, started from two weeks ago, I think I was crazy. After I watch all their drama series #luckily, I found all series in english and this drama has ended :), started to search their event, vidio and their profile. I search its novel too, both English ver. and Indonesian ver. Such as a stalker kekeke.. I love Phun and Noh, ohh but I like nong Mic too..kekeke # I love cute things ^.^

    And two or three days ago I just found this blog First, sure.. I was shock, I don’t know if they will be paired as couple in fansfic #I know fansfic because I read DBSK fansfic too..When the first read their fic I just feel “geli” hahaha, I don’t know maybe I just enjoy their moment as couple in Love sick and their event but in the end (now) I am enjoy read those fanfic kekekeke :-p

    I read all of their fanfic but I skip their fanfic which has content 17+ (especially sex scene), sorry I am still feel “geli” everytime I read 17+ part. But I am OK with kiss scene, I think it’s so sweeettttt..hihihi

    I the end, for me, in my live Phun-Noh, White-Captain “telah menggeser” DBSK pairings #sorry oppa..hehehe. But I think I can’t ship them in other drama if they are not paired. It would be nice if they are to be real couple because Thailand is open county for LGBT. But if not, I am OK if they are just become brother. After all White has said Captain is cute Nong..hehehe

    Ahh, I think I write too much in this page. I am sorry if you are not comfort. I am just blabbering. For the last keep update about their news and fighting.

    Ias ^.^

    1. Hallo saaay welcome to my blooog
      Padahal agak hiatus tp seneng liat komen baru

      I’ll tell naochan (li9htzan) if you like her fic hehe
      You can join our fangroups for lovesick we have on facebook (group, fanpage) and also line chat
      anywaaay seems like you are new with boyslove world? That’s why you still feel ‘geli’ hehe
      Come again and i’ll introduce more cute and sexy boyslove series/movies

      1. Halloo..sorry I think you will ignore my coment#because I read mostly reader coments in this blog in 2014..hehehe

        I will ask your question.
        You : anywaaay seems like you are new with boyslove world?

        Hahaha..Nooo, far before I know Love sick, I have read DBSK fansfiction with pairing Yunjae, Yoosu and Changkyu. And far before I read DBSK fansfiction, I have read yaoi manga (not 100% yaoi manga), I just read mangas written by Clamp sensei, so I am aware of something about yaoi..Hahaha!! Maybe I am a little bit look like nong Pang…kekeke

        But, toward couple White-Captain..I am just…oh, how should I say..In my opinion, they are different with Yunho-Jaejoong. I will just take easy everytime I see Yunjae moment, maybe because they close “jalaran saka kulino” hehehe..but when I see White-Captain moment in their event I will scream and blushing. And when I read their fansfic I will just feel “geli”..hahaha, weird!!!

        Hahaha..Thank you for the invitation..let’s be friend OK

        Ias ^.^

      2. I read every comment but sometime couldn’t reply some of them or took so long to reply

        But you are not really fond of 18+ content? Just my opinion may be wrong again

        To bad white and captain are actually straight and not couple (for now ) hehe but i love them still

        Currently i’m more crazy about another couple, wangqing and feng jianyu they give so many hints and couple vibe offscreen (bikin delusi dan baper parah)

        Sure lets be friend (twitter id? Line id? Facebook?)+

      3. You :But you are not really fond of 18+ content?
        Yup. I am not comfortable with 18+ content (bed or sex scene). I am prefer sweet kiss scene. But love sick series is exception :-p I don’t mind with those scene hahaha!! Maybe because their 18+ scene not vulgar. In think their novel isn’t vulgar too#related to sex content. Just some of content in their vocabulary that sometime use curse words.

        Hahaha..Yeah, it’s not just once White&Captain said that they are 100% straight..I read White has girlfrind too. Poor Captain..kekeke. But once in a event White said he is straight and Captain said “Ok. let’s see and wait” hahaha!! I think he just want to tease White.

        Oh, I want to ask. Do you know song title when Ohm was apologizing to nong Mick in episode 36. I have searched but I couldn’t found it.

        May I know your tweetter? I would like to follow.

        Ias ^.^

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