20 fact about me

1 I’m INTROVERT. I never have lots of friends. And I’m awkward among strangers.

2 But I looooove being with my small group of FRIENDs especially with the ones that have the same interest with me. Even if you hang out with me i don’t have much to say. I’ll just listen to you and laugh at your jokes, and respond to you. But sometimes i also can be a bit chatty for some topic

3 I’m a THINKER, i may not looked like a thinker but i am. I think about lots of thing that sometimes

4 i didn’t notice thing happening around me. i have what they call “KACAMATA KUDA” so I’m sorry if you happen to say hi to me and i just walked passed you. or you tried to talk to me and i just didn’t listen because i’m concentrating on something else. I am not being arrogant, I just didn’t notice :p

5 I’m ADDICTED to a lot of things mostly related to JAPANESE, & KOREAN POPULAR CULTURE, manga , dorama, jpop, Jrock, kpop,  all hail to the INTERNET and every information that it could provide me ❤

6 I am MESSY, LAZY and CARELESS hey have you seen the movie Nodame, and Hotaru no Hikari? The heroine in those dramas is the mirror of me, that’s how messy and lazy I am. No kidding.

7 On top of that I’m a SPOILED BRAT I’m not your noble heroine of your movie, I have it my way or no way. I am like this especially toward person closest to me my family. That’s why I adore my husband for keeping up with me and being able to accept me for who I am including my bratty attitude. I’m not proud of this, I hope I can fix this

8 My HUSBAND is my FIRST real relationship, my first kiss my first sex and I like that to be like just the way it is. He was not my first love, being in LOVE is very easy it came naturally but to stay in love you have work it out, but it can’t be forced either. I hope that I can cherish this until the rest of my life, and I’m so glad it’s him not anyone else because I don’t think that anyone else can handle me.

9 I lived a STRAIGHT LIFE, I never touch drug, booze, smoke, I stayed a virgin until I get married, and I’m somewhat religious. I just don’t take risk that I think may harm myself. Some may say a boring life but I’m cool with that it’s just the way I am.

10 Despite being the way I am I think I have an OPEN MIND, I have a very tolerant and pluralistic view on people, the truth I wasn’t always like this I might have a narrow mindset before but people change they grow. This is largely influenced the next best thing

11 I’m a FUJOSHI doh! Haha I found yaoi on my first year of college, this beautiful and bizarre attraction that I have to toward Boys Love, make me think about a lots of thing, it’s like an epiphany. It shapes my way of thinking now, and I thank GOD that I found this.

12 This might not be a popular way of thinking. I think that ALL HUMAN ARE NATURALLY BISEXUAL (that include me yes), I don’t think that there are pure heterosexual and homosexual human in this world. I agree with Kinsey scale that your individual and unique experience shapes your orientation. It’s up to you to decide which side of the scale you belong to. Of course no one should force you to be something that you are not, you just need to embrace who you are.

13 I also had an academic interest toward LGBT I like to read up about it. I wrote about “Social discourse of Homosexuality in Japanese History” for my graduation paper.

14 I CAN SPEAK & WRITE JAPANESE because I major on Japanese language and culture in university, I’m not good at it though I’m just ok

15 As you can see I let my HOBBY being a huge part of my life and a huge influence on me as a person. When I’m OBSESSED  with something new I could spend lots and lots of time browsing about it night after night even until  sunrise, this make me an OTAKU? But I hate being categorized as Otaku 😦

16 I love to DRAW MANGA style. I wanted to have my own manga but lacking the effort and talent to accomplish that. You can check my artwork (mostly BL gakuhai fanart) on deviantart (arashihonou.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24)

17 I enjoy WRITING review about manga, movies, books I like (mostly BL) on my blog https://shiraai.wordpress.com

18 I looooove pretty boys, BISHONEN or KOTTMINAM. As I have written before my true sexual preference is predominantly leaning toward oriental male sex ANDROGENOUS people)

19 I am a SHIPPER, one pretty boy couldn’t satisfy I have to pair two of ‘em together LOL, I have LOTS of OTP, but the most dominant one was YUNJAE

20 I have a lovely DAUGHTER she is my treasure and I looove to doll her up. She is so much like me it’s scary 😛 . I always wanted to call my daughter AI-CHAN from her first name Aisyah, but she end up being called CIPA from her last name Syfa. I wish her only to have a long happy and healthy live and feeling the love of people around her.


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