Bishonen of the week ; Bank & James

Oh i have been pending this post for a couple of weeks now so they should be bishounen of the month :p
This time we are still going to talk about Thailand beauties hehe
so we have two pretty boys for today Bank & James from Hormones season two!! ain’t they cuute? If you watched the phenomenal thai lakorn Hormones the series you should know about this two cuties.

BANK (Thiti Mahayotaruk, @bank_thiti) x JAMES ( Teeradon Supapunpinyo, @jjamyjames)

bank_thiti02 jamy


Actually i’m a Bank stans, I LOOOVE the way Bank Thiti smile and he has the type of pretty face that i liked (kinda like Tegoshi, dont you think?) and don’t know much about James but i’m quite sure that i’ll like him more and more in the next season.
They first caught my attention when is saw them practicing/training their acting skill as COUPLE ❤

OMG they were really good!!!! Too bad  actually they were not paired in the drama as couples 😦

but they also have this offair chemistry that is sooooo SHIPABLE

okay i need to sleep now

Good Night & Good Morniiing


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