Love Fick The Felie

Ok i just need to post another entry just to show how much i’m obsessed with LOVE SICK THE SERIES

i freakin love it to bits, the drama series and the novel, the fan’art, fanvid, and fanfic and most of all I’m falling in Love with CAPTAIN & WHITE!!!   GOD i’m shipping them so hard right now


i mean what’s not to love? they sure know how to play with my heart with all of those fanservice ❤
they have become a real expert on fanservice it’s really no good for my shipper heart, especially for Captain each time he answer question with a simple suggestive answer my delusion will go wild

imageslet see what should we talk about? oh yes let me add the MV of KhorRong a theme song of the series sang by Captain

I Like this song & the MV it’s really touching , i didn’t get tired to rewind it over and over again
i loooove the scene in this MV especially the scene when they lie on the grass (like picture above) and Noh is looking at Phun ❤ the part where the run and chasing each other is very cute to0 ^_^
i hope this scenes could somehow be included on the series but to bad these scenes was probably only for the MV

Let me close this entry with a fan gathering report

Last week we met Mr Arvin from The ASEANER , to get the first copy of the magazine with CHONLANTRON KONGYINYONG on the coveeer ❤

10801489_4899309097149_132315102544076073_ncan you guess which is me? i flash a cute smile right there :p

This is my copy ❤
wpid-20141107_010322.jpg wpid-20141107_010132.jpg
oh no what to do this underage boy is tempting me XD


8 thoughts on “Love Fick The Felie”

  1. I’m with you in the ship and #wewillgodownwiththisship ~ 😀
    nb : that underage boy looks so damn fine in magz and postcard.

  2. I’ve never ever taken an interest over teenager, but things changes when I watched the first episode of the series. Now I feel like a pervert paedophile *facepalm*

    Damn Chonlathorn Kongyingyong! Damn Anupart Luangsodsai! xDD

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