Review; No Touching At All /どうしても触れたくない

Omg i totally forgot writing the review for this movie, haha to much preoccupied by Love Sick The Series Latelytumblr_n24o04OivD1r5h444o1_500
As you can see this drama was adapted by a manga from Yoneda Kou Sensei

I think they have done a good job for this adaptation very satisfying movie adaptation such as Takumi & Junjou

i post about the trailer and synopsis before
here>どうしても触れたくない-bl映画 no-touching-at-all-movie/

so i guess i’ll just continue with what i think about the movie ^_^

I like the cast ❤ Kousuke Yonehara as Shima & Masashi Taniguchi as Togawa, they really match the character in the story.

Shima is eating his bread  soo freakin cuute
“Shima is eating his bread
soo freakin cuute”

Some part i think Yonehara whining voice is annoying :p but overall he is cute 🙂 And since this is my first time seeing him on anything I must comment that he is reaaally good looking, don’t you agree with me?

While Taniguchi , he is a bit to old for my taste but i think he really nailed his part ^_^
i like how he portray Togawa in this movie

As for the love scene they didn’t go all out like in Takumi (Takumi is way too high for a standard i think) and decided to go with camera angle and tricks

But it was quite sensual not bad, i got a reaction from someone who said the love scene kinda  turn him on O_o oh no no no my friend you are supposed to be straight !

another prove of my theory that most human if they brave enough to admit it are probably bisexual

tumblr_n7vtzkURlj1rsqmf5o4_1280   tumblr_n0h86g4xWq1shknmho2_500tumblr_naqicwBThp1rh2xmjo1_500



9 thoughts on “Review; No Touching At All /どうしても触れたくない”

  1. I’ve watched this movie upon recommendation, and it was okay. I wasn’t overly excited by it…to me there was no.chemistry between the male leads. Word to the male actors, don’t do a BL drama if your afraid to commit to the role seriously. It doesn’t matter what your true sexual orientation is…this is entertainment. The viewers should go away wanting to buy this film…to keep talking about it…etc. Someone compared this to the Takumi- series….not a chance, those two beautiful guys brought their A- game to that film series.
    Anyways, hopefully one day a live adaptation of Junjou Romantica will be done…(Usagi x Masaki) that would be a great BL film.

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