Review : An Ordinary Love Story

I GOT TROLLED VEEERY BADLY BY THIS MOVIE, Well if you have the same motive like i did which is watching this movie for the BL (Boys love/gay) Love story element, I tell you now you will be disappointed.Big_131394026029

The BL side story is veeery minimal , close to zero
it’s very subtle you can’t even tell if they really like each other or just being friendly,

even the promotion stills is far more exciting thanthe actual bl parts, you wont get to see the scenesbelow on the movie 😦 i wonder why they do that it’s like cheating. Well there is only a littleholding hand like in the stills but that’s it

too bad because the cast is veeery cute , i would love to see them develop more romance, i guess i’ll have to settle on finding fanfic bout this pairing or perhaps make one myself

here is one i found in… Thai =_=

on the other hand aside from the part , it is an odinary, simple and sweet feel good movie about family and love


Note (Komane Ruangkitrattanakul) is planning to propose to Nam (Benjanat Auksornnan). They dream about a simple wedding by the beach at a beautiful resort in Hua Hin. With Nam’s boss, an advertising agency owner, Nueng (Billy Organ), and his wife Winnie (Sonya Cooling), the resort owner and former actress who plan to return to the show business, help making it come true. The couple also gets help from their friends. Ploy (Khanitkul Netboot), to record this hectic story before the wedding day. Tam (Wathanyu Niwatsaiwong), an annoying photographer, who can shake Ploy’s heart. Their story is as chaotic as Guy’s (Surakeat Boonnak), Winnie and Nueng’s dear son, and Boat’s (Wattana Chumsai Na Ayutaya), the head chef at the resort. The hippest wedding concept by the weirdest advertising creative, Zuzie (Archita Sikhamana) started to get together. In the meantime, other love stories begins, but the soon to be husband and wife encounter the biggest challenge in the relationship.
(from : open subtitle)

Wattana Chumsai Na Ayuthaya as BOAT
Wattana Chumsai Na Ayuthaya as BOAT
Surakeat Boonnak as GUY
Surakeat Boonnak as GUY




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