BL News; November 11 That Darn Pocky Day (^///^)

3 days ago my friend Tatz (@Tatz18) tweet to me about an article on how japanese high school boys celebrate Pocky or Pepero day

and officially this will be my favourite national anniversary day from now on

no need explanation just check out the videos to see why //(^//^)//


4 thoughts on “BL News; November 11 That Darn Pocky Day (^///^)”

  1. Hi~, ShiraAi.
    I haven’t seen such sweet scenes, I have lived in Japan since I was born, though. Especially I love the first vid. I love his expression after he was stolen a kiss. so adorable! (*゚∀゚)=3ムッハー!
    I laughed at the third vid, someone says to them, “下のポッキーは?”
    Well, I ate pocky with my husband that day, too. I often eat it after dinner with some coffee.

    1. ぶうちゃん今晩は<3

      そうだよねえ;p そんなに簡単に見れることじゃないねえ
      It won't be easy to encounter such sweet scenes in everyday life , i guess maybe they are from all boy school??
      しかもこんなガキの遊びいいですねえ ♥

      第1のVideoあの子イケメンですねえ 好き!!!

      きゃああああ~ 第3のVideoそう言ってたんだ (ᗒᗨᗕ)

      私も試しみたいなああ XDD


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