Review: Amphetamine 安非他命

‘is this not his fate?’

This is one of a number of Asian LGBT movie that i can’t easily move on from

it’s a tragedy, it’s painful, it is a depressing angst…. but i love it ;_;
amphetamine-extra-1the movie tell us about a love story between a successful financial manager Daniel (Thomas Price) and a swim instructor Kafka (Byron Pang) their encounter is like fated and they are falling for each other.

Thomas Price as Daniel
Byron Pang as Kafka

The problem is that Kafka is either straight or  deeply traumatized by his past tragedy that make him incapable of having sex with men. But that was not a problem for Daniel he still wants to be with Kafka without having sexual intercourse with him, and also Kafka even though he can’t have sex with Daniel he is obviously very attracted to him and also in love with him. But there is even bigger problem in their relationship which is Kafka addiction to Amphetamine

After learning about Kafka problem i know for sure that this movie would be a tragedy. This movie is psychedelic like drugs, usually i don’t really enjoy psychedelic movie such as ‘big bang love juvenile’ but i love this one
i don’t know why, perhaps the first reason i wont deny is because the actors are so damn gorgeous got to do with it? but i don’t think that’s all. I love the torment and desperate bond between Daniel & Kafka

imagesDaniel is so in love with Kafka that he desperately want him to get better despite his better judgement that would have been telling him to leave Kafka

Kafka desperately want to be Daniel lover but bad shit keep happening to him and he can’t overcome his drug abuse and his traumatic past

Also that Kafka didn’t tell Daniel about his trauma, perhaps this is the main reason why things turn out as bad as it is .
Their love has become a drug for both of them
Amphetamine 352224185As you can see from the pictures the nudity in this movie is frontal, and the actors looking very fine without any cloths on :p
However some of the frontal scene (other than Daniel & Kafka scenes) are very painful to watch and not fun at all

amphetamine (1)AMPHETAMINE_pic_1_1stills of the most intimate & emotional scenes in the movie



9 thoughts on “Review: Amphetamine 安非他命”

  1. ShiraAiさん、こんばんは~。
    I have seen the movie before. It looks artistic even painful scenes.
    All of Hong Kong and Chinese movies I watched had bad ending. I wonder why.
    DanielとKafkaの体格差に萌えましたけどね~ (‘-‘*)エヘ

  2. Hi! ぶうちゃん

    Yes Most of them have sad ending (;_;) i want to see a fateful yet painful love story but with happy ending for a change.
    I really want to see them to overcome the suffering and be together at the end, and just don’t die (T^T) hiks

    TaiwanのRomanticComedyならHappy Endの映画はあります
    Formula 17とかGo Go G-boysを観たことありますか?

    体格差とは身長の差ですか?そういえばそうですねえ (๑˃ᴗ˂)
    二人ともちょう~美しい体を持ってますし燃えました へへ

  3. ShiraAiさん、こんばんは~。

    I have a DVD of “Formula 17”. I love it! So sweet! (*゚∀゚)=3ムッハー!
    The DVD of “Go Go Gboys” hasn’t been released in Japan, So I’ll watch it on YT with English sub. 教えてくれてありがと~^^

    「体格差」は体の大きさの違いの事です。身長の差だけでなく、体の大きさが違う時にも使います。身長が同じでもmuscular manとslender manだと「体格差がある」と言います。


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