BL News Flash; Pchy on Club Friday 5, Kou-chan on JinRoh & Shirota Yu on Twitter :3

Okay tonight i wanto to post about latest BL movie news i’m curious about

The first is Pchy upcoming roles in Club Friday season 5, for the first time since Love in Siam we believe that he will get another gay roles

When i saw teaser clip  of Club Friday The Series Season 5 i didn’t suspect that Pchy will get BL story line i just notice
i Just notice Pchy is getting more gorgeous with his South East Asian tan & features10805573_1030245506989732_2175147527058126248_nand now i’ve some other pictures from his part on CFTS and well i guess it is BL 🙂 a nice suprise indeed
1654243_1032634666750816_4810009803436155186_n B5ls4GgCEAACZFi.jpg large10612992_1033853843295565_1026866526845332362_nand another pleasant surprise is his partner for this movie is also veeery good looking! Ofcourse you need to find some one gorgeous that could compete with his previous partner the dazzling and youthful Mario Maurer
1964926_1033066303374319_4180984514901983546_nand this new partner with adult men charm and korean looks whom i still can’t figure out his name is undeniably handsome ( i’ll update this post after i figure him out)

UPDATE : His name is Thassapak Hsu aka Bie 😀 (twitter>@Bie_KPN) and he is also a singer :DD Thanks Dinachan for the info ❤


and The Other News is about the latest movie of Yonehara Kousuke
JINROH Shokei Game
he was recently on Doushitemo Furetakunai which i have reviewed before

I think its another BL part, Jinroh actually is not a BL movie its more like Thriller Horor such as Suicide Club or Battle Royale but judging from the poster & trailer it will be kind of yaoi :3


Something to look forward too

Another shocking thing i’ve come across this week was on December 16 midnight


oh may gaaaaaaaat did he just come out?? but after thinking we speculate that it probably a promotional stunt to support his upcoming BL roles?? its not impossible for him to get involved on a new BL movie

After all he already played a suggestive role before on Satsujin Hensachi 70 ( 殺人偏差値70)


but as the news stated it was a slip of a tongue OOOPS :p

oh and i also discover this link to japan BL movie list ,
some title i haven’t heard or watched ^^

will research more hehe


6 thoughts on “BL News Flash; Pchy on Club Friday 5, Kou-chan on JinRoh & Shirota Yu on Twitter :3”

  1. Yahooooo….
    Pchy’s partner in Club Friday the series 5 is Bie (Thassapak Hsu). Hahaha, he is very good looking. He got the minor role on Room Alone the series ep.7. Love his smile.


  2. kakk… jinrog kyosei (?) game udah rilis loh di aarinfantasy, tapi.nghint doank. btw aku kangen wp kakak nih, kok jarang update ya?

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