BL News; The Blue Hours, ThirTEEN Terrors Ep13

Ohisashiburi desu , i’m back to bring you the hottest news of BL world First ThirTEEN Terrors , the final episode and also ‘BL’ story episode 13 will be airing soon this week yay 1969126_777821495645129_4078587605963860551_n 1526680_776950579065554_5681533175040184295_n this will be the short version of the story meanwhile the longer movie version of this episode will be participating in Berlin movie festival with title THE BLUE HOURS WOW i really need to watch this one

Tam, a loner gay boy is always bullied by his friends at school. At home, his father who works in the army always beats him. His mother and brother never trust him. One day, Tam gets to know Phum, a mysterious boy on the internet. He goes to meet him at an abandoned swimming pool. They have sex and begin their relationship which will lead Tam to commit the biggest crime of his life.

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Trailer ThirTEEN Teror Ep13

Trailer The Blue Hours

As you can see this movie is a thriller / horror genre

Now fangirling time, i just need to mention that the cast is sooooooooooooooooo cuuuuute of course they are GMM really know how to pick their actors

They are OAB ( X GUN (

Gun the pretty one will also be playing on another BL movie Love Love You which is the sequel of Love’s Coming he is casted to replace Tee Mild as Gump 1533781_590058754459117_2850903474805460120_n


20 thoughts on “BL News; The Blue Hours, ThirTEEN Terrors Ep13”

  1. Abis nonton juga di blog Kuda, gak paham dan gak serem kaya episode lainnya. Mungkin harus nonton yang full 90 menit.
    Oh ya, kalau ada film bl baru d share yah, aq mau langganan blogmu, tiap hari pasti dibuka hehehe

  2. Oh man …… I like this blog very much !! 😀
    tadi sih cuman iseng2 buka buka eh tp tau tau malah kepincut sama blog ini T.T

      1. siaap, ditunggu ^^

        2015-03-02 16:05 GMT+07.00, “하루만 네 방의 침대가 되고싶어 OH 재중”

  3. numpang nanya, link buat nntn blue hour atau thirteen terrors ep 13 apa ya? yang full tanpa cut? soalny ak udh searching dmn mana tp cm trailer ny doang..please reply soon ya ..thanks..

  4. salam kenal, saya baru nemu nih blog..tapi jujur saya suka hal berbau bl hehe..bosan yg normal…share evrything abt bl, i will come here evrytime

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