BL News: “How to win at checkers (every time)” & “Timeline Next Generation” Cute Couples ETC

So there was another Thai BL movie premiered at Berlin Film Festival last time with “The Blue Hours”
the title was “How to win at checkers (every time)” by Josh Kim

I just found the teaser and i think it is very interesting check it out

rather than just a romance story i learn that this movie is about responsibility, brotherhood and social class and i think it would be interesting to watch

And also there is a sequel of Thai’s LGBT movie Timeline, known as Timeline next generation


a couple in this movie caught my eyes because they are very cute, interrasial couple aaand they are really a couple
FINALLY a couple I can ship for real without heartbreak 😛

B_kG5KNU8AAjEOH  094

Their name is Joris Vandeplas and Seki Kritsana
check out their super sweet status on their fb timeline XD


another story was about fluke pongsatorn upcoming new movie? / series? “Red WINE in The Dark NIGHT” probably a BL with a twist of vampire fantasy (?) storyline (twilight, teenage wolf style??)
11069929_10206552126944819_514903086294147784_n 11062695_10206552127264827_1959811527888394475_n

Last but not least a new movie from secret weapon film supported by nadao
“The Sanctuary” thanks filipus for the info 😀
from the trailer it looks pretty gore and may hove BL plotline

i think the actors is quite promising

that’s all i got for now sweet dream sleep tight


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