BL News: seven days promo pic & Timeline next gen stories


The popular BL manga seven days will be adapted to two parts movies, above we can see their first promo pics
the movie will be staring Tomoki Hirose as Shino Yuzuru and James Takeshi Yamada as Seryou Touji





another news from Adam Poe on facebook BL movies group revealed 3 stories included in the new Timeline movie sequel (Thailand)

The 3 stories of Timeline Next Gen are:
1) I Love You
2) Memory
3) Body Language
check out that cast lineup soo freakin cuuute

Also the cast from Fluke Pongsatorn (my bromance) new movie seems alluring ^_^


How will this BL vampire romance turns out??

lets wait and see


2 thoughts on “BL News: seven days promo pic & Timeline next gen stories”

  1. Okay, so I just want to comment to make things clear. Joris has a NEW boyfriend already and he did NOT play any role in the Timeline next gen movie. Did some little investigation about that. It seems that the new My Bromance movie is going to be a good one, but one of the cast member is from the movie “Love is coming” right? Oh well, I like his portrayal in that movie and he’s been replaced already so, i guess changes happens. Thanks!

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